Who is 1CU?

The delivery of Australian utilities has changed little in the last 80 years. The Australian government has sold off most of their utility services (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications). Many of their services have remained unchanged in this period.

1CU will be a groundbreaking innovative utilities service provider in Australia, that will reduce the cost of these services, by providing world class utility infrastructure to the Australian market in late 2017.

Centralised Utility technology has been in operation in Europe for the past 30 years. Since its first rollout it has been adopted in Germany, Switzerland and by a number of EU Government Agencies. This infrastructure is the most advanced utility service in the world providing 10-100 times the capacity of Australian networks with world class security, alarming and monitoring.

Centralised Utilities

Centralised infrastructure

100 x standard capacity & 3 x lifespan of traditional utility networks


Reliable technology that has been in successful operation across Europe for over 30 years.


Technology provides the platform to allow other utilities (Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Water) to roll out new services.

Who is 1CU for?

Upgrade existing infrastructure

Launch 2018 – Focus on large commercial brownfield industrial sites and precincts


New greenfield estates

Launch 2018 – World class smart infrastructure services for greenfield sites

World class utility services

Launch 2019 – Focus on major metropolitan cities and high density urban environments

What we are working towards

PPP’s and BOOT service models

Managed service for smart best in class infrastructure

World class security for utility services

Our Team

James specialises in building the commercial foundations for new infrastructure and technology business models. This is demonstrated by his extensive experience turning around underperforming Telecom, Utility and FMCG business units in Europe, USA and Australia.

James has deep knowledge of new product development and ICT gained through leading and rebuilding customer facing business units through privatisation, merger, acquisition, operational restructuring, and technology lead transformation.

Mr James Maclellan - B.Sc (Melb), MBA


Radomil has over 25 years experience working on projects across all continents and a wide range of industries. His early career started in the legal world (judge, army prosecutor's office, attorney at law). A few years later, he moved in-house and led as Vice President for the Legal & Compliance functions at Citigroup. Radomil was engaged as CEO of General Electric finance businesses in the Czech and Slovak Republics where he delivered a significant business turnaround.

In his 13 years with GE Capital/GE Money, he also spent 6 years as the Chief Commercial Banking officer, responsible for the financing of the businesses. In his last role at GE, Radomil was Group Strategy Leader. Radomil's last 3 projects have included a green field banking project in Kazakhstan (PPF - AirBank), partner selection and sale of 100% of the shares of the largest IVF clinic in the Czech Republic and a leadership advisory position to The House of Lobkowicz, in the event management and hospitality industry.

Radomil will be heading up business development initiatives across Europe for 1CU.

Mr Radomil Stumpa

Head of Europe 

Jesse Wilson is a Civil Engineer who is passionate about disruptive technology and new innovative business models. Mr Wilson has a strong continuous improvement background across a range of industry sectors including engineering, education, manufacturing and logistics. His diverse skill-set and problem solving capabilities are enhanced by additional experience in digital, social media marketing and supply chain management.

Mr Jesse Wilson - B.Eng (Hons)

COO | Head of Australia & NZ 

Erich Comor has a distinguished career in corporate consultancy and finance. Following his early career at Procter & Gamble, he spent eight years advising international banks and financial institutions at McKinsey & Co. and subsequently served as Chief Marketing & Product Officer at GE Money Bank in the Czech Republic. In 2007, Erich was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Home Credit in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since 2009, Erich has been the founder and CEO of Air Bank, an innovative and hugely successful digital bank expanding from Europe to Asia. Erich’s role is to support 1CU operations with financial and investment management.

Mr Erich Comor - MBA


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